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Mr. Nitin Balchandani

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It was all going fine until morning of 30th Apr’12 when the bug of becoming an entrepreneur hit me. I was working as Customer Service Manager with ICICI Prudential Life and was pretty satisfied with my role. However that afternoon a widow in her late forties walked up to my desk, I noticed a sense of helplessness combined with some fear and anger in her eyes. I asked her to sit and before she could speak anything, offered her a glass of water.
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"Life isn't about building walls and hiding behind them. It's about breaking them down and expanding beyond them !"

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We are an initiative, an effort. a means to people who have been cheated by so-called sales professionals in selling life insurance by unethical ways and wrong commitments. Every industry has the flip side of business, insurance too has one, and it needs to be cleaned top to bottom. In the race of doing business, earning incentives and promotions...these so-called sales professionals forget the sensitivity of the product that they are selling.

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