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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insurance Angels?
As the name suggests, we want our services to be like angels and help those whose insurance claim is not getting processed due to either mis-selling, forging of signatures or unnecessary delay due to human errors.

How to contact Insurance Angels?
YOU can contact us at +91-9587777650 or mail us your query at

Who is the person behind starting Insurance Angels?
Mr. Nitin Balchandani, a resident of Udaipur, City of lakes. He has worked in insurance companies all along in underwriting the policies. To make the system strong and sustaining he has done Diploma course from "Sherlock Institute Of Forensic Science" and now he is handwriting and signature expert.

How will Insurance Angels help?
Now that Insurance Angels have developed techniques of making YOUR voice reach to the concerned person And also that the insurance companies have started recognizing this name to the subject. We can help you depending on the strength of the case. May we request you to send us your case details, somebody will positively get-in-touch with you.

Is there a testimonial of the cases that you have resolved?
Please refer the following videos and also read the stories in the "Success Stories" section. Yes there are testimonials about the case resolution And we are very happy to be a part of somebody's happiness.

Why should I contact insurance angels and not the government authorities directly?
YOU can contact the government authorities directly. Our strength is the speed of getting the work done. Government has a huge amount of cases lying on their desk, may be contacting us would ease out and speed up the process.