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Case of Mis selling by Aviva Life Insurance

Insurance Angels is highlighting the case of Rama Bhill who was missold insurance policies under the garb of a fixed deposit. Rama received some money through government aid, however he was duped to invest in life insurance policies. He is a poor, illiterate villager 64 years of age and can never afford to pay premium of Rs.1,00,000.00 every year for next 12 years. This is impossible for him.
Insurance Angels request team Aviva India to help this man and let him live his old days with peace and dignity.

Is this not a white collar crime by ICICI Employees?

Insurance Angels has taken up the task of helping this old man save his life long earnings. Sohan Das a 70 Yrs old man would have never thought that it might cost him his life time savings for trusting the bank manager of a reputed bank. Sohan Das opened a locker with ICICI bank to safeguard the cash received from sale proceeds of his land. However he was trapped by the bank manager to invest money in a regular premium insurance policy under the garb of a Fixed deposit.

Will Aviva Life provide Justice to Mangilal and his family?

This is with reference to wrong selling tactics being adopted by staff of Aviva Life in conjunction with bank employees of IndusInd bank in issuance of Policy No. TDW3118607 and NLS3061847.

Mr. Mangilal, a poor villager, approached IndusInd Bank to keep his lifelong savings in safe custody. He desired to open a fixed deposit account with the bank and earn regular income. However bank authorities advised him to invest in a product where he will receive the money in 7.5 years and the returns were promised to be higher than the fixed deposit returns.

The bank authorities never informed him about any life insurance policy and the need to pay premiums on a regular basis. He was under complete faith of the authorities and trusted them blindly.

The blind trust made him pay his life long savings.

We have approached the highest authority in Aviva Life and are waiting for his response.

This Widow is Requesting...Will You Help

Tara Tripathi's life has been a nightmare but she might have never thought that the money that she had saved for a dry day, for providing a better future for her children might go in vain. Her faith was shattered by her husband when he left Tara in lurch during her pregnancy. Tara somehow managed to make both ends meet and gave birth to a new life despite all odds. She started a Kirana store and decided to provide a respectable life to her children.
But she was again cheated by her neighbor and was disguised to invest in insurance policies under garb of bank accounts. She never received her policy bonds and came to know of the fraud only on receiving cheques for a much lesser amount than the amount actually saved by her.
She now requests your help...Will you help??

This 15th Aug Will Sita Devi get her Financial Freedom

Sita Devi who is single handedly managing her house hold, her business and the future of her son is now left in lurch as she trusted a business entity in her neighbor and was taken for a rough ride. Sita Devi runs a vegetable shop outside ICICI bank and the bank staff in their greed to complete their targets did not even spared a illiterate woman. Her thumb impressions were taken on insurance proposal without her knowledge. She was also threatened to deposit renewal premium which she some how managed to deposit through loans from her relatives at an interest rate of 5% a month. Now she is in a dilemma as to keep paying monthly interest and save her life time savings or to forego the same.

Can we help her???

Is this lady a right candidate for selling Insurance Policy??You Decide

Can anyone imagine that well educated people like us can use their power and position to ridicule the financial position of poor people like Sundar Bai for their selfish motives. Misselling of insurance products cannot get any worse than this, Sunder Bai is suffering from various diseases and was approached by staff of ICICI to apply for a policy which will provide monetary solutions to all her health problems along with the benefits of a fixed deposit, only to realise later that all these were fake promises and her life time savings are at stake.

Words cannot describe her position..Watch the video to access her state of mind.

Will Laxmi Lal get cured with his financial paralysis???

Client is affected with Paralysis and is not the earning member. He is an absolutely wrong profile for insurance policy. His wife earns bread and butter for the family by stitching clothes. They had saved this money for a dry day and Rs. 50/month were deposited for 100 months to save this money, however some agent made Laxmi Lal believe that he will get good returns by depositing this money in name of his children in a fixed deposit with a bank. But he was sold an insurance policy by the agent to earn higher commission for himself.
Is this Justified???You Decide

Complaint related to Policies issued by Aviva Life

We are highlighting this case with deep concern with regards to the manner in which insurance policies have been sourced by staff of Aviva from rural areas.

The case in highlight is a perfect example of how poor people like Ghisu and Ratan have been duped of their hard earned money. These people were put under threat to invest their money in insurance policies in lieu of issuing Kisan Cards to them.

Case facts of Policy of Mr: Ratan: Actual DOB of Mr. Ratan Lal Gujar is 02nd Jul'92 and on the date of policy issuance Ratan was a minor. His DOB was forged as 02nd Jul'91 to issue him the policy. His voter id card is attached for reference.

Case facts of Policy of Mr.Ghisu: He was sold policy as 1 time investment but his plan details have been forged later through forgery of signatures and details like Term of the plan and Annual Premium and Premium frequency have been tampered with. Also while issuing the policy annual income and profile has

Wrong and deceitful practices in selling Insurance Policies by DHFL Pramerica Life

This is with reference to wrong selling tactics being adopted by staff of DHFL Pramerica in sale of insurance Policies

Profile of the client: Third Grade Government employee earning Rs. **000/month

Client's Contention: He received a call in from a person named Megha Sharma through mobile nos. 992****050 promising one time investment in policies issued by DLF with annual return of 18% guaranteed per annum, through investment in real estate. As per the client he only used to send the payment cheque and copy of his id and address proof. No proposal form was signed by him at any point of time.

Details of our investigation: We have investigated the contentions of the client and basis the facts available with us we would like to question the authenticity of the process in issuance of the above mentioned policies.

Point No.1: Client id mentioned for all these policies is PO00****73 and in all the proposal forms client's annual income has been

Issuance of Insurance Policies Through Signature Forgery

This is in reference to complaint related to issuance of Policies by Bharti Axa Life Insurance. Client wants to bring to the kind notice of the general public the notorious acts being deployed by staff members of Bharti Axa Life Insurance to cheat customers like him of their hard earned money through wrongful acts of serious gravity to the tune of signature forgery on financial documents like proposal form, counter offer letters and sales illustrations.
All the policies were sold to the client as one time premium payment policies with the promise of excellent returns in a short span of time.
Client was sold all these products as investment products with promise of investing only once and reaping regular benefits. He was not told about insurance coverage or the charges attached to insurance policies. He was also not informed about the premium payment term or the premium charges or the lock in period of these policies.
Post realization of the fact that

Case of Fraudulent selling through Birla Sun Life

Insurance Angels has received a complaint from the client of Birla Sun Life about false selling. Client is retired government employee 62 years of age, senior citizen and he has been sold policies worth annual premium of Rs. 4.5 Lacs payable for 15 years and in some cases premium is payable for 20 years. Of the total premium payable by him Birla Sun life has issued policies with annual premium obligations worth Rs. 1.9 lacs. Client was sold all these policies under the garb of a bonus due in his name and he was informed that the bonus would be payable only if he invests certain amount with Birla Sun Life. He kept investing the amount from his life time savings only to realize later that he has been duped by some con insurance agents/broker house. He never doubted their intentions as the calling agent had all the information about him and he represented himself as IRDA official. The client used to make account payee cheques in favor of Birla Sun Life so he had

Wrong Selling Tactics adopted by staff of HDFC Life

Client has been made to invest in a regular premium plan with obligations to pay an amount of Rs. 4 Lacs every year, however at the time of sale he was mis informed about his investment being made in single premium policy.

As per the client he had signed a blank proposal form and trusted the manager of the bank as he had already invested through this manager on previous 2 ocassions and the client did not doubt the intentions of the manager.

As the deal was closed manager asked his team member to get the formalities completed and during signing of the formalities client verified with team member that he will pay premium only once and he received the diplomatic reply that the policy will be issued basis client's discussion with the manager.

Client purchased 2 more policies from the same manager in Sep'10 and Jan'11 worth Rs.1,50,000 with policy nos. 12****86 and 13****73 and he was informed for premium payment every year. Client has contin

How Poor People Like Amra Gadri are trapped by insurance Agents

This is the story of poor Amra Gadri who has been cheated by con agents of ICICI Prudential Life and made to invest his life time savings in insurance policy instead of an Fixed Deposit. Watch the video for complete story.

Wrong selling tactics being adopted by IDBI Federal for sale of Life Insurance

Insurance Angels is highlighting the case of Mr.Bherulal Dangi and his wife Fepa Bai who were sold life insurance policies with regular premium payment obligations, however they were wrongly informed by the agent and the manager about a single premium life insurance policy with IDBI bank providing higher returns than fixed deposits in SBBJ bank. Believing them Mr. Bherulal fall prey to their greed and actually changed his decision of an Fixed deposit with SBBJ bank to bear higher returns, only to find out that they have lost their invested money leave aside the interest that could have been earned on a regular fixed deposit. The greedy manager mis informed the agent as well and instead of investing the money in single premium plan (sold as an Fixed deposit) the money was actually invested in regular premium policy and the couple is obligated to pay for minimum of 5 yrs. in the policies, failing so the amount of Rs.90,000.00 invested by them has been forfeite